The # 1 American Dancer in japan!


VIRG プロフィール/経歴

Virg has traveled around the world working for many famous recording artists and major corporations. Here are some of the artists and companies that Virg has worked for or in association with along with a few key details for some of the bigger artists events and projects listed below.


Newest Credits:  Austin Mahone, Black Eyed Peas, Minzy, DJ Hyo (Girls Generation), Philippine Festival, Desiigner, Chris Brown (Auracles), Beyonce Tribute with Fatman Scoop, LiLi Tokyo Dreamgirl, Michael Jackson Tribute at Pacifico Yokohama, 50 Cent NYE Countdown in Miami //


Past Credits : Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Ciara, Ashanti, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Chris Brown, BIGBANG, 2NE1, S.E.S., Fatman Scoop, DreamDoll, AI, Bob Sinclar, LiLi Tokyo Dreamgirl, Kat Deluna, Sean Kingston , Mya, Shanice, Havana Brown, Wolfpack, Crystal Kay, Che’ Nelle, W-inds, Johnny’s Jr., SMAP, EXILE (Akira), Kuraki Mai, DJ Mayumi, DJ Kaori, DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Alamo, DJ Tony Touch, Roscoe Dash, Jay Sean, Lloyd, Nice and Smooth, Bob Sapp, Tokyo Dream Girl, Puffy, Tokyo Dreamgirl, Hamada Shogo, globe, MAX, SPEED (Hiro), C&C Music Factory, Gang Starr, Naughty by Nature, Jungle Brothers, Lionel Richie, Dionne Warwick, J Holiday, DJ Unk, Bow Wow, Lady Of Rage, Soul for Real, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Garage sale (Gorie), Lisa (m-flo),  Travis Payne, Swoop, and many more…..


MAJOR COMPANIES / TV Programs / Movies

Coca Cola, Disney, Sony, Mitsubishi, Shiseido

Softbank, MTV, FOX, NHK, FUJI TV, Fuji Xerox,

Music Station, Hey Hey Hey,  Pop Jam, Soul Train

Paramount Pictures (Night at the Roxbury featured dancer)








EXILE、嵐、倖田來未、AI、Crystal Kay、SMAP、三浦大知、シェネル、BIGBANG、2NE1、倉木麻衣、globe、SPEED、MAX、W-inds、Lisa(m-flo)、DefTech、卍ライン(窪塚洋介)、浜田省吾、ジャニーズJr、マイケルジャクソン、マライアキャリー、ライオネルリッチー、ニーヨ、クリスブラウン、ニッキーミナージュ、ジェイショーン、キャットデルナ、ロイド、フローライダー、アシャンティ、ナイス&スムース、ディオンワーウィック、シアラ、ボブシンクラー、DJ Kaori、DJ Mayumi、トラビスペイン、ブガルーシュリンプ、ティナランドン、スゥープ、ボブサップ、その他多数、国内海外のトップスター陣の振付師/バックダンサー/共演を務める。ジャニーズ、エイベックスなど日本の大手芸能事務所での監修指導経験も多数。NY出身でアメリカのダンス番組でも人気を博した。
コカコーラ、ディズニー、ソニー、三菱、資生堂、ソフトバンク、フジテレビ、テレビ東京、NHK、TOKYO MX、MTV Japan、FOX、

パラマウントピクチャーズ 他  



MICHEAL JACKSON - On March 8, 2007 Virg was the location manager for all of the dance teams at Michael's Premium event at Studio Coast in Shin Kiba. Virg was also one of the guest performers there! Micheal was the guest of honor at the event and it was a huge success. He watched and loved all of the shows that were on stage before he went on stage himself to give a speech. It was a once in a lifetime event with Michael. The event was produced by Positive Productions, Broderick Morris, who is a long time friend and mentor to Virg.


 "Performing and working for Michael's official event was one of the biggest highlights of my career and meeting him was a childhood dream come true."



BIGBANG & CIARA - Guest choreographer for their show with Ciara at Studio Coast

CHRIS BROWN - On Aug 23, 2013 Virg and his dance team performed as the only official opening act dancers for the Power Bash concert at Waikiki Shell in Hawaii where Chris Brown was the headlining special guest.

MARIAH CAREY - March 31, 2005 Virg was an official model / dancer for her special guest appearance at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo Japan. 

NICKI MINAJ - Virg was the official choreographer for her Adidas commercial featuring Big Sean and 2NE1

KAT DELUNA - Virg has been working very closely with Kat and considers her like a little sister to him. He has choreographed her tours several times and has produced her main tours in Japan as well.

TRAVIS PAYNE - Virg was the personal manager of famed choreographer Travis Payne from 2014-2016 and during that time Virg produced many events for Travis in Tokyo including all of the official TRAVIS PAYNE parties and also introduced him to appear on FOX TV and appear at Legend Tokyo as the main judge and headline performer. Virg still works with Travis and they are planning to do more collaborations in the future.

NE-YO - Virg and his dance team opened up for NE-YO 2 times. Once at Bay Hall in Yokohoma and the second time in Tokyo at the night club Warehouse (currently club ELE).

ASHANTI - Back dancer for her at her concert in the International Forum in Tokyo and Virg also produced her official Birthday party at club Esprit in Roppongi, Tokyo


FLO RIDA - VIRG was the booking manager for the "Tokyo Dreamgirl" models who appeared with him on the FOX TV hit show "Backstage Pass"

Virg is also the creator and producer of Tokyo Dreamgirl.


Newspapers featuring Virg

Virg featured in magazines

Messages to Virg from celebrities

Yosuke Kubozuka


I met Virg about 20 years ago and we hung out with each other very often.
He is so friendly, kind, and has a cute smile but when he dances he is professional and serious but is always having fun at the same time. He has a mysterious charm too.
After a long time I met him in Shibuya by chance, he was driving his cool Benz and I was happy because I felt he became successful for his dream.

Travis Payne
I met Virg many years ago and he is always full of energy, creativity, imagination and he is a hard worker. We've been the best of friends for a very long time and we respect each other. He helped to build my brand through our many works together in Japan including introducing me to headline the Michael Jackson tribute event for Legend Tokyo 5. He always makes amazing results by his great efforts and contributions.

Boogaloo Shrimp

Virg is exactly the one I wanted to meet as a dancer/ choreographer. He is the best dancer who respects Hip-Hop and expresses it in his dancing. He transmits it so positively. I love his working style.  It's not only his dancing but also his guiding and training young people for their futures.

Kat Deluna


Virg has natural gifts for dance, choreography, and entertainment and always gives people positive influence. I feel my dancing improves a lot every time he teaches me.

Tina Landon
I and Virg have been friends for a very long time. His passion and love for dance is immeasurable. It was so nice when he brought his students to LA to have a dance workshop with me. I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Fatman Scoop 
Virg is talented and I'm so happy to work with him. He's always professional and innovative and I can't wait to proceed to doing big projects with him.

Virg is a great achiever who always moves forward and visualizes for accomplishing his goals. You can call him "SUPER VIRG". People like to follow a leader like him. I met him when we were performers for the TV show called "Soul Train" in LA and we met again in Japan in 2014. He is so sweet and has a great sense of humor. The best memory I have with him is joining the dance project he produced. He invited me to be the guest celebrity dancer/choreographer. I went to Japan to dance with his students and it was broadcast on a very famous Japanese TV show  called "Why did you come to Japan?". Virg is like my brother and we always have so much fun together. I really hope from my heart that he and his DME team have great success.