dance jam WITH VIRG

Every 1st Sunday of the month   Channel 9     Tokyo MX 2        17:30-18:00

Thanks to all of the dancers and everyone who came for the shooting. It was super fun! Please enjoy the sneak preview below. It will be featured as part of my new TV series "DANCE JAM with VIRG". Episode 2 will air on Tokyo MX2 TV on Sunday June 3rd at 17:30. There you can see this music video and also learn how to do some of the dance moves from the video as well, plus much, much more! Please watch, enjoy, and share!


私のTV番組「DANCE JAM with VIRG」のエピソード2で放送されます。6/3 17:30〜からTokyo MX2でこの最新ミュージックビデオのほかお家にいながら本物と同じ振り付けレクチャー、インタビューなどその他盛り沢山でお送りますのでぜひ見てくださいね!情報をシェアして頂けると嬉しいです!



Written and produced by VIRG
Performed by THE DREAM TEAM (VIRG & ZOE)
Choreography by VIRG
Directed by DME FILMS







EXILE (AKIRA)、三浦大知、AI、SMAP、クリスタルケイ、BIGBANG、ジャニーズJr.、globe、SPEED(hiro)、w-inds、その他多数


ダンスジャムwith VIRGは日本発のアメリカンスタイルのストリートダンス番組です。




About Virg and the Dance Jam


Virg has worked with many world famous artists as a choreographer, back dancer, personal trainer, front act performer, model, stage manager, and more. USA credits include - Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Ashanti, Ciara, Chris Brown, Kat Deluna, Nicki Minaj, etc.. Japan credits include - SMAP, w-inds, SPEED(hiro), EXILE (AKIRA), AI, Miura Daichi, globe, Johnny's Jr., Crystal Kay, BIGBANG, etc..


Dance Jam with Virg 


The first American style televised street dance lesson in Japan. The concept and purpose of the show is to create a friendly and creative environment where people of all ethnic backgrounds can come together and have a good time and also have a chance to be on a major TV program. 

EPISODE 1 (full length Ver.)