素晴らしい経歴を持つ楽曲プロデューサー JJ バラードは別名メイデンフィールドとしても広く知られており、イギリス/スペインの血を引く。
例) Taylor Swift/Justin Bieber/Ed Sheeran /Carly Rae Jepsen/TLC/Fall Out Boy/小室哲哉/TM Revolution/The Gazette/Tommy February 他多数
企業例) SONY/NHK/Google/スターバックス/西武ライオンズ/ラグビーワールドカップ 他多数

JJ Barrado, also known as Maydenfield, is a British-Spanish electronic music producer, songwriter, remixer and musician. He is best known for house, progressive house, bass, and filmscores. JJ’s melodic sentimentality runs through all his music, and is often combined with a stylized Japanese influence over the sound and visuals.
JJ has played for, supported and toured with various international artists including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Carly Rae Jepsen. He has played on all the major music shows on TV, and has played many of the iconic clubs, arenas, stadiums and music festivals in Japan.
He has also produced and written songs, lyrics and toplines for Japanese artists including Tetsuya Komuro, TM Revolution, The Gazette, Yamato, Ayako, Tommy February, and Ryudo Uzaki.
In 2019, Maydenfield produced the Xai track “Sleep,” a key song in the major Japanese movie “Startup Girls,” released on 6th September. He also wrote and produced almost the entire filmscore to the movie. His second filmscore credit this year is for “The Prisoner,” in which he also starred as an actor.
In 2018, he wrote and produced several tracks for Yamato, including “Shizuku,” “Ashura,” and a Beatmania tie-up “Level One.”
He also wrote and produced the track “Ai no Ura” for X-Factor Okinawa finalist Ayako Kanroji, and produced Elixia's album "Secret Me," and follow-up single "Hope Motion."
Maydenfield has also remixed Fall Out Boy, Justin Bieber, Gotch (Asian Kung-Fu Generation) and Mexicana.
The highly anticipated debut Maydenfield EP is released later in 2019. All guest vocalists are Japanese, half Japanese, or living in Japan.
Outside of music,
JJ is also an actor, narrator, TV show MC and football commentator in Tokyo. His debut movie role was in the hit movie “Darling Wa Gaikokujin,” and this year alone he will appear in 4 movies, including one of the lead roles in “The Prisoner” (for which he also wrote and produced the filmscore), “Mitsubachi to Enrai” and “Nipponkoku Kenpou.”
He is a regular TV MC for various shows on NHK including “JTrip Planner”, “Journeys in Japan” and “Train Cruise,” and has narrated many TV shows and TV commercials including for Sony, Starbucks and Google.
For almost 10 years now, JJ has been the football commentator for the Japan national team matches on NHK. He was also the first stadium MC for major baseball team the Seibu Lions. And in September 2019, he will be stadium MC for the Rugby World Cup.

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9. Worldwide distribution 海外流通

10. Artist management and booking アーティストマネージメント/ブッキング


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