UPLOAD (English)

UPLOAD is a brand new global dance project produced by DME-WORLD


Its unique, powerful, and addictive! UPLOAD will connect dancers to legendary musical artists and to the world!



Here is what’s Special about “UPLOAD”!


Recording artists will check your dance videos and upload them to their official SNS accounts. This is powerful support for you to be a popular dancer.
You will get various opportunities by this promotion including chances to be scouted by casting agencies, music labels looking for dancers, invited to dance for official music video shootings, invited to back dance for famous artists, etc.
As a member of an UPLOAD dance crew you have a chance to be on a worldwide monthly ranking char for dancers.


So, how Does It Work?


Every month we will have a famous artist as our special supporter.
Members of “UPLOAD” will learn choreography to songs from our special supporting artists. We will shoot a dance video at the end of every month, and every participant can be on the video! If you are chosen as one of the best dancers of the month you can take the best spot/scene for the dance video!
All the videos will be uploaded onto the SNS by the supporting artists to their official accounts like Facebook and Instagram.


What Can You Receive From the  “UPLOAD” Program?


Our supporting artists have a great number of followers on their SNS account so when they post your dance videos a lot of people will watch them!  Because of the huge exposure the videos will have, you have a big chance to attract various types of attention and opportunities from all around the world!
Also, “UPLOAD” will announce the global ranking of dance videos every month. For the ranking, only one selected dance crew from each country will be accepted. For example, the selected dance crew from Japan will be the “UPLOAD JAPAN CREW”. You will see all the differences and uniqueness of each country who applies and competing with those other dance crews from other countries will motivate you to be more unique and skillful so you can win the top spot on the monthly ranking. Most of all, its fun and not expensive to join.


“UPLOAD”, the epic, global, and influential dance project! Come UPLOAD your talents with us!

Project UPLOAD will start from January 2020! Our special supporting artist for January will be 2 time Grammy award winner FATMAN SCOOP

Featured singles



How Can I Be A Part Of UPLOAD Program?


1. Studio Member
Those who can participate at dance lessons, rehearsals, and video shooting at a dance studio with the official upload instructor


2. Virtual Member
Those who have difficulty to be a Studio Member can be a Virtual Member.
Virtual Members will receive the same choreography as the studio members and then they can practice at home and shoot the video by themselves. After the video is done just send it in and we will UPLOAD it!  If its really good we will feature it!


Any Requirement For Applying?
There is no requirement to apply. Any gender, age, dance style, dance experiences are available so don’t hesitate!  Don't miss this chance to change your life!

For more details about schedule, location, price, etc. please send us an email with your name, age, and country. info@dmeworldwide.net

Meet "VIRG" the creator and official choreographer of project UPLOAD